About Us

Old Village Tactical's deputy sheriff founder partners are active law enforcement and a former SWAT commander/police chief who work to optimize our clients' personal safety. Our instructors holds certifications as NRA Pistol, Shotgun, and South Carolina SLED CWP instructors. Since retiring from law enforcement our instructors have been training concealed weapons carriers, home defenders, corporations, and the average citizen in holistic personal safety and firearms training for individuals and small groups, as well as youth firearms handling and safety.

We are dads who have skin in the figurative game of preparing the good of society to defend against and respond to threats in schools, on the streets, at home, out and about, and in places of worship.

Old Village Tactical holds an FFL (Federal Firearms License) offering online firearms sales as well as transfers of firearms from another FFL for those in the Mount Pleasant/Charleston, SC area.

Old Village Tactical's instructors are current and former law enforcement and hold SC SLED CWP and NRA Pistol and NRA Shotgun certifications. 

Our sales team members have extensive law enforcement and tenured hunting experience - from birds to boars - and are ready to assist you with your firearms and related needs.


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